unless otherwise indicated all music is Richard Rodgers
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Songs starting with the letter I

I Am A Prince Chee-chee  
I beg you pardon Dearest Enemy  
I Blow A Glad Good Day Chee-chee  
I blush A Connecticut Yankee Cut
I Can Do Wonders With You Heads Up! Cut
I Can Do Wonders With You Simple Simon Song re-used
I Could Write a Book Pal Joey Discography
I Didn't Know What Time It Was Pal Joey (film version) Song re-usedDiscography
I Didn't Know What Time It Was Too Many Girls Discography
I feel at home with you A Connecticut Yankee (revival)  Song re-used Discography
I feel at home with you A Connecticut Yankee Discography
I Gotta Get Back to New York Halleluja I'm a Bum  
I Grovel to Your Cloth Chee-chee  
I Had Twins The Boys From Syracuse  
I Keep On Singing Mississippi Cut
I Know You're too Wonderful For Me Winkle Town  
I Like To Recognize the Tune Too Many Girls Discography
I Married An Angel I Married an Angel Discography
I must be going Lido Lady  
I Must Love You Chee-chee  
I need some cooling off One Dam Thing After Another  
I Need Some Cooling Off She's My Baby Song re-used
I Still Believe in You Simple Simon Discography
I Wake At Morning Chee-chee  
I Want a Man Winkle Town  
I Want a Man American's Sweetheart Song re-used
I Want a Man Lido Lady Cut Song re-used
I wish I were in love again Babes In Arms Discography
I Won't sing a song A Connecticut Yankee (revival) Cut
I'd Do It Again Halleluja I'm a Bum  
I'd like to hide it Dearest Enemy  
I'd like to take you home The Girlfriend  
I'd Rather Be Right #1 I'd Rather Be Right Cut
I'd Rather Be Right #2 I'd Rather Be Right  
Idles of the king One Dam Thing After Another  
Idles of the King The Garrick Gaieties II  
If I Give in to You Ever Green  
If I Were King Winkle Town  
If I were you Betsy  
If Widows are Rich The Merry Widow  
I'll Always Been An Optimist Winkle Town  
I'll Be A Star American's Sweetheart  
I'll Never Share You Chee-chee  
I'll Tell the Man in the Street I Married An Angel Discography
I'm a Fool, Little One Present Arms  
I'm A Queen In My Own Domain Hollywood Party Cut
I'm Afraid Higher and Higher  
I'm hard to please Follow Through (Film) Cut
I'm One Of The Boys Hollywood Party Cut
I'm so humble Peggy-Ann Cut
I'm Talking to My Pal Pal Joey Cut
Imagine Babes In Arms
In A great Big Way Chee-chee  
In Califor-n-i-a American's Sweetheart  
In his harms Peggy-Ann Cut
In New Orleans The Girlfriend  
In our parlot on the third floor back Betsy  
In the Cool of the Evening Ever Green  
In The Name Of The Art The Fifth Avenue Follies  
Innocent Chorus Girls of Yesterday American's Sweetheart  
Is It the Uniform? Present Arms  
Is my girl refined? Betsy Cut
Isn't It Romantic? Love Me Tonight Discography
It Happened in the Dark Miss Underground  
It Must Be Heaven Heads Up!  
It Must Be Love The Merry Widow Cut
It Never Entered My Mind Higher and Higher  
It Never Happened Before Follow Through (Film) Cut
It's Easy To Remember (a.k.a.Easy to Remember) Mississsippi Discography
It's Got to Be Love On Your Toes  
It's Pretty In The City Higher and Higher Cut 
It's quite enough to make me weep The Garrick Gaieties I  
I've Got Five Dollars America's Sweetheart  
I've Got That Hollywood Party Cut