Lyrics by Lorenz Hart, music by Franz Lehár
Lyrics published on The Complete Lyrics of Lorenz Hart
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Introduced by Jeanette MacDonald.


Sonia: The melody  of laughter. lave and May time,
That is Paris at café time.
Girls: Your tiara, your pearls and your lavaliere soon
Will enrapture the eye if each cavalier.
Sonia: A roundelay  of roses, wine and dances.
Girls: manly glances, light romances.
Sonia: Once again l'll learn to sing
Girls: The melody of Paris in the spring.

1st man: We'll go to the Café de Paris to dine
2nd man: Then to the Opera-
3rd man: Well get there at nine.
4th man: Then well have supper at the Grand Hotel.
5th man: When it's twelve o'clock and all is well,
Men: Then we will dance if madame is willing
Sonia: How mad - how wild - and how thrilling.

Sonia: How wonderful a moment for gay time
This is Paris and it's play time.
Every man is a man of sincerity,
And if he tells you he loves you, 1t s
The atmosphere is perfumed with
My heart dances at his glances.
What a thrilling thing to sing
The melody of Paris in the spring

Girls: The atmosphere is perfumed with
Her heart dances at your glances.
What a wonderful thing to sing
The melody of Paris in the spring.

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