Lyrics by Lorenz Hart, music by Richard Rodgers
Lyrics published on The Complete Lyrics of Lorenz Hart
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Published October 1929. Originally intended for Jack Whiting and Betty Starbuck, but dropped during the try-out 
Introduced in Simple Simon (1930) by Doree Leslie and Alan Edwards.

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When you came to me,
My power began;
I have grown to be
A miracle man.
Just like ABC
I find that I can
Do wonders!
Do just as you're told,
I'll help you a lot;
Take my hand to hold
And, presto! Great Scott!
Though you're feeling cold,
I'll make you get hot-
It's done! It's done!
I'm classed as one,
Surpassed by none.
You have made of me
A wizard.
Hey, kid,
Some fun!

I'll change your silver to gold,
Dear, I can do
Wonders with you.
I'll change your new wine to old,

For I can do
Such wonders with you!
Work will be play,
And our cares will be fun;
March will be May,
And the rain will be sun.
I'll bet I'll even be true,
Dear, I can do
Such wonders with you.


Let me fix your cap,
It's over your eye.
Do you think your map
Is helped by that tie?
You're a funny chap,
And yet I must try
To change you.
Now I recollect,
Y our language is quaint;
To be circumspect,
You mustn't say "ain't''! .
Such words ain't correct,
So heed to my plaint.
It's done! It's done!
I'm classed as one,
Surpassed by none.
I will wash your neck
And dress you.
Hey, kid,
Some fun!


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