Musical numbers
  • One A Day
  • The Hollyhocks
  • I Know You're too Wonderful For Me
  • Old Enought To Love
  • The Heremits
  • Congratulations
  • Darling Will Not Grow Older
  • Baby Wants To Dance
  • I Want A Man
  • Comfort Me
  • Since I Remember You
  • The Three Musketeers
  • If I Were King
  • Manhattan
  • I'll Always Been An Optimist
  • We Came, We Saw, We Made'Em!
Lyrics by Lorenz Hart
Music by Richard Rodgers
Produced by unproduced
Book by Herbert Fields & Oscar Hammerstein II
Directed by unproduced
Choreoghraphy unproduced
Starring: unproduced
It ran for -- unproduced


A man invents a kind of "electonic" system that obviates the use of electic wires for comunication and electrict power. The hero tries, ultimetely succesful of course, to convince the town fathers that the idea is both beneficial and practical

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