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Rodgers and Hart Revisited

  I Married An Angel

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 Musical Numbers   
  • I Married an Angel
  • Women Are Women (probably Love Is Queen, Love Is King)
  • Men Of Milwaukee(Unused)
  • Othello (Unused)


Lyrics by Lorenz Hart
Music by Richard Rodgers
Produced by Dwight Deere Wiman
Book by Lorenz Hart and Richard Rodgers
Directed by Joshua Logan
Choreoghraphy George Balanchine
Starring: Dennis King, Vera Zorina, Vivienne Segal, Walter Slezak and Charles Walter
It ran for 338 performances.


When a wealthy banker becomes disillusioned with women and vows that the only lady for him would have to be an angel, it's only a song or two before she comes flying in through the window! He marries her only to discover that angels can sometimes be troublesome, having none of the human failings that allow us mere mortals to tolerate one another. Her inability to be in any way dishonest results in her successful alienation of everyone from the banker's biggest depositor to society's grand dame. Through some side-splitting shenanigans, Angel is brought down to earth, for what is - naturally - a marriage made in heaven.


"One of the best musical comedies for many perches on the top shelf of the Rodgers & Hart music cabinet."

It's a lovely idea for a stage musical. Hart's lyrics have verve, wit and a springtime poetry. Rodgers' music is fresh and alive, and the book (by the two of them) is surprisingly urbane and sophisticated."


I Married An Angel Studio Cast

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