Lyrics by Lorenz Hart, music by Richard Rodgers
Lyrics published on The Complete Lyrics of Lorenz Hart
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Published May 1938. Introduced by Dennis King, Vivienne Segal, and Charles Walters.

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WILLY: 	Every woman is a cheat.
PETER: 	That depends on whom you meet
PEGGY: 	Some of us are kind of sweet.
ALL: 	So Everything' s comparative.
	You know it.
WILLY: 	I have fallen once or twice.
PETER: 	And they always gave you ice.
PEGGY: 	But they also looked so nice.
ALL: 	So
	It's the same old narrative
	We know it.
	Know it well!



Did you ever get stung?
Did you ever get star-struck ?

Did a glamorous skirt
Ever pilfer your shirt and tie?

Did you ever get flung?
Never knowing you are struck
By a twenty-ton truck
In the form of a female eye?
Did you say, "She lives for me!
This is it! Now at last!"
You bit! You were it!
You got hit by the blast!

Then you must have been stung
Where the doctor can't help you.
And you swear that you're cured
Till another Queen Bee flies past.
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