Lyrics by Lorenz Hart, music by Richard Rodgers
Lyrics published on The Complete Lyrics of Lorenz Hart
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Wear a smile,
A sunny smile
Be happy till the lost long mile
A smile for breakfast,
A smile for lunch

There'll be no breakfast for this here bunch!

Oh, cut it out

Wear a smile,
A merry smile
A smile can make the world worthwhile
Be bright and cheery
When things look laugh
A sailor laughs when the sea is rough

I've got enough of this cheerful stuff

This situation is fearful
But I've got a way to be cheerful
Imagine your bills are paid
Imagine you've made the grade
With no dishes in the sink
All you do is drink
Claret lemonade!

Imagine you own a car
A trailer that has a bar

Your clothes fit you very well,
Telling what a swell you are
You're such a handsome kid,
Folks tell of what you did
No wonder Mr. Goldwyn mode a bid
Imagine you're out of debt
And love brings you no regret
If you con imagine this,
Then you must be nuts, my pet!

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