Musical numbers
  • The election
  • My heart stood still
  • Make hey, hey, while the moon shine
  • Opening act two (11th dam thing)
  • I need some cooling off
  • My lucky star
  • One dam thing after another
  • Pretty little lady (Dropped before the London opening)
  • Idles of the king (Dropped before the London opening)
  • Shuffle
  • Paris is realy divine
  • Gigolo
Lyrics by Lorenz Hart
Music by Richard Rodgers
Produced by Charles B. Cochran
Book by Ronald Jeans
Directed by Max Rivers
Choreoghraphy ??
Starring: Jessie Matthews, Douglas Byng Lance Lister, Richard Dolman
It ran for 237 performances.

Jessie Matthews on Dick and Larry
Richard Dolman and Jessie Matthews
One day, Cochran introduced me to the composer of the songs, Richard Rodgers and Larry Hart, the lyric writer, a tiny little man who rubbed his hands together constantly and always smoked a big cigar. He said they had a new song [My Heart Sttod Still] , and asked Dick to play it. Then he said, "Jessie, you try it." So I sang the song, and he said he liked it. "But we've got to have a verse," he said. "Where's the verse?" And Larry Hart, who was sitting there with his hat on the back of his head and the inevitable cigar sticking out of his mouth, rushed over, and said "Verse, verse, you wanna verse?" He pulled an envelope out of his pocket and scribbled on it. "How's this?" he said, putting it into my hands. "How d'ya like this, babe? Think you can read my writing? " We never altered one word of it

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