Musical numbers
Still missing are the lyrics fot the following songs
  • Otto's German/English Song
  • Lucio's Victorian Family
  • New York Number
  • Jean's Magic Number
  • Otto's Elephant Song (possibly a reprise of "Do I Love You?")
  • Quartette Number
  • The Bad Little Apple And The Wise Old Tree
Lyrics by Lorenz Hart
Music by Emmerich Kalman
Produced by {produttore}
Book by Paul Gallico
Directed by {regia}
Choreoghraphy George Balanchine
Starring: Vivienne Segal, Wilbur Evans, Jack Pearl
It ran for (never produced)

Susan a private detective from New York, tries to get the playboy Nicky lo leave Paris. Nicky appears to ba a Nazi collaborator, but is actualy working for the Resistance. Desiree, the star of the Folies Bergere, is his partner. Otto, once Susan's favorite waiter in New York City and now a most unwilling Nazi soldier, trapped in Europe after a vacation to Germany, provides comic relief with English and German puns. The Victoria family of circus performers help keep the Gestapo off Susan's track, but have troubles of their own: the german collonel is interesed in their attractive daughter and their elephants has been requisitioned for meat.

The show was never produced, as it was impossible to raise money for it during war time

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