Ann Hampton Callaway, Mary Cleere Haran, Dorothy Loudon , Arthur Siegel, Sandy Stewart, Susan Stroman
Cast assembled and directed by Ben Bagley

  1. Dancing Lady (Versions I and II);
  2. Tell Me I Know How to Love;
  3. I Keep on Singing;
  4. Lovely Woman's Ever-Young;
  5. The Girl With the Little Green Hat;
  6. When the Old World Was New;
  7. If I Were You;
  8. Because We're Young;
  9. You Are;
  10. You Are (second version);
  11. Yours Sincerely;
  12. I Need Some Cooling Off;
  13. If Never Happened Before;
  14. How About It;
  15. Keep Away from the Moonlight;
  16. Why Have You Eyes;
  17. Try Again Tomorrow;
  18. When You're Dancing the Waltz;
  19. I'm One of the Boys;
  20. The Night Was Made for Dancing
  21. I'm Hard to Please;
  22. My Friend, The Night Lyrics;
  23. Keys to Heaven
Painted Smiles PSCD-140 CD
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