Nancy Andrews, Blossom Dearie, Johnny Desmond, Estelle Parsons, Anthony Perkins, Lynn Redgrave, Arthur Siegel
Cast assembled and directed by Ben Bagley

  1. HIGHER AND HIGHER Medley (It's a Lovely Day For Murder / Mornings at Seven / How's Your Health?);
  2. Someone Should Tell Them;
  3. Damsel Who Done All the Dirt;
  4. Life Was Monotonous;
  5. Why Do I?;
  6. I'm a Fool, Little One;
  7. The Letter Song Lyrics;
  8. We'll Be the Same Lyrics;
  9. DEAREST ENEMY Medley (Where the Hudson River Flows / I'd Like to Hide It / The Hermits);
  10. Are You My Love?;
  11. Nothing to Do But Relax Lyrics
  12. He Was Too Good For Me;
  13. Women;
  14. Who Are You?;
  15. NEW YORK SONGS (It's Just That Kind of Play Lyrics; Sky City; I've Got to Get Back to New York)
Painted Smiles PSCD-106 CD & LP
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