Nancy Andrews, Blossom Dearie, Johnny Desmond, Anthony Perkins, Lynn Redgrave, Elaine Stritch
Cast assembled and directed by Ben Bagley

  1. HEADS UP Medley (Knees / It Must Be Heaven / Me For You);
  2. I Love You More Than Yesterday;
  3. I Can Do Wonders With You;
  4. Queen Elizabeth;
  5. Now That I Know You;
  6. I MARRIED AN ANGEL Medley (Did You Ever Get Stung? / A Twinkle In Your Eye Lyrics / How to Win Friends and Influence People);
  7. I'D RATHER BE RIGHT Medley (Take and Take and Take / I'd Rather Be Right / Sweet Sixty-Five);
  8. I'm Talking to My Pal;
  9. Fool Meets Fool;
  10. A Little Souvenir;
  11. You're the Mother Type;
  12. Moon of My Delight;
  13. Grand Finale
Painted Smiles PSCD-126 CD & LP
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