Musical numbers
Lyrics by Lorenz Hart
Music by Richard Rodgers
Produced by The Roundabout Theatre Company
Book by George Abbott
Directed by Judi Dench
Choreoghraphy Kenn Oldfield
Starring: Richard O'Callaghan  (Dromio of Syracuse) Gavin Muir  (Dromio of Ephesus)  Martin Chamberlain  (Angelo) Jim McManus (Aegon) Jenny Galloway  (Luce) Gillian Bevan  (Luciana)   Peter Woodward  (Antipholus of Syracuse) Bill Homewood  (Antipholus of Ephesus) Louise Gold  (Adriana)   
It ran for from 24 July (previews 22 July) to 5 September 1991. That Autumn the production went on tour, including playing The Forum Theatre Billingham Cleveland around 17 September 1991, and Theatre Royal Brighton from 14 to 19 October 1991.

 Reviews:    "After the second rude interruption, Louise Gold, as Adriana declared it was a lovely day. Huddled under our macs and brollies, we believed her. And when the gleefully statuesque, not-so-pure Gold ripped into the splendid trio of "Sing For Your Supper," we would have believed anything."

Michael Coveney - The Observer, 28 July '91

"The adaptation softens the character of Adriana - Louise Gold plays her delightfully, as a woman whose sexual potential is being far from fully tapped. There's an aura of surplus desire about her that is both comic and wistful. It's characteristic that at the end - Gold doesn't freak out but coos like a rampant dove."

Paul Taylor - Independent, 26 July '91


"Falling In Love With Love", sung with exquisite sweetness by Louise Gold, a monument to precariously-controlled wifely patience…. but it is "Sing For Your Supper", trilled in harmony by Miss Gold, Gillian Bevan and Jenny Galloway, which stops the show. Do go."

Jack Tinker - The Daily Mail, 25th July '91

 Discography:    Studio Cast - 1939 
Off-Broadway Revival - 1963
Original London Cast - 1963
Studio Cast - 1997
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