Frances Langford & Rudy Vallée (Vocals), Harry Sosnik (Orchestra Director)
  1. Oh, Diogenes! Lyrics performed by Rudy Vallée - 2:44
  2. Sing For Your Supper Lyrics performed by Rudy Vallée - 2:48
  3. Falling in love with love Lyrics performed by Frances Langford - 3:02
  4. You Have Cast Your Shadow on the Sea performed by Frances Langford - 2:42
  5. This Can't Be Love Lyrics - 3:06
  6. The Shortest Day of the Year - 2:55
Label: Decca (LP only)
Time: 17:17

The success of Rodgers & Hart's November 1938 Broadway musical The Boys From Syracuse caused Decca Records to plan a "souvenir album" of the show's songs. But the label did not employ the original Broadway cast (even though photographs from the production were displayed on the album cover). Instead, singers Rudy Vallée and Frances Langford, backed by an orchestra conducted by Harry Sosnick, were employed to sing six selections from the score. These included Langford's performance of "Falling in Love With Love," which became a modest hit as a single. Langford and Vallée duetted on the show's other big hit, "This Can't Be Love," as well as the romantic ballad "The Shortest Day of the Year." The show's comic numbers were missing, making this a less-than-satisfying collection. But both singers handled the material that was here well.