Lehman Engel, Harold Lang, Vivienne Segal, Barbara Ashley, Beverly Fite, Jo Hurt, Kenneth Remo
  1. You mustn't kick it around lyrics
  2. I Could Write a Book Lyrics
  3. Chicago lyrics
  4. That terrific rainbow lyrics
  5. What is a man? lyrics
  6. Happy hunting horn
  7. Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered lyrics
  8. Pal Joey
  9. Zip lyrics
  10. Plant you now, dig you later
  11. In our little den
  12. Do it the hard way
  13. Take him lyrics
  14. Finale (Bewitched/I Could Write a Book) - Vivienne Segal & Harold Lang
  15. Bewitched (bonus) - Vivienne Segal performs and talks to Mike Wallce on the radio show "Stage Struck[EXTRA TRACK - Aviable only on CD 2003 reissue]
  16. I Could Write a Book Lyrics (bonus) - Harold Lang (from the TV show "Star of Stars") [EXTRA TRACK - Aviable only on CD 2003 reissue]
Conductor: Lehman Engel
Recording year: 1950 Language: English
Re-issue date: October 25, 1990
Second re-issue date with extras:May 13, 2003
Label: Columbia 4364 Length: 44:23
(First reissue)
(Second Re-issue with extras)

No it's not a mistake! this album was realized in 1950. two years before the first (and very successful) revival of the show. The LP was so successful that a new revival was brought to Broadway in 1952, starring Vivienne Segal and Harold Lang in the lead roles (though the cast album of the revival features Jane Froman and Dick Beavers).