Lyrics by Lorenz Hart, music by Richard Rodgers
Lyrics published on The Complete Lyrics of Lorenz Hart
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Published March 1929. Introduced by Lillian Taiz and Inez Courtney.
Tag: Unrequited Love / Marriage /

Darling, don't leave me,
I'm so lonesome tonight.
Nothing is right
With me.

You can't deceive me;
What you need is romance,
Something in pants,
Said she!

You're so clever
But I never
Thought you ever

My maiden's prayer
Leaves me weak as a cat,
For I am that
Way too!


Feeling the way I do,
I'd like to say, "I do!"
Heaving a heavenly sigh.
Everybody has someone;
Why can't I?
Creeping to bed alone,
Resting my head alone,
Only the pillow nearby.
Some have a reason for dreaming;
Why can't I?
I feel forsaken
On nights like this.
Can't I awaken
To someone's kiss?
Only my book in bed
Knows how I look in bed.
Nobody hears when I cry.
Everybody has someone;
Why can't I?


Feeling the way I do,
I'd like to say, "I do!"
Nature is hard to deny.
Everybody has someone;
Why can't I?
If love brings merriment
I must experiment
With some electrical guy.
Even old maids find a burglar;
Why can't I?
Should girls be good girls ?
I think they should.
I need a good man
To make me be good.
Two feet are ever cold;
Four feet are never cold.
I only mean to imply
Everybody does something;
Why can't I?

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