Rodgers and Hart: A Musical Anthology

by Richard Rodgers & Lorenz Hart

Paperback: 144 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.73 x 11.50 x 9.40
Publisher: Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation; (November 1984)
ISBN: 0881883379
Includes a foreword by Dorothy Rodgers. Arranged for piano, voice and guitar.

  1. Any Old Place With You, F Major (From 'A Lonely Romeo')
  2. At The Roxy Music Hall, F Major (From 'I Married An Angel'. )
  3. Bewitched, C Major (From 'Pal Joey'. )
  4. Blue Moon, Eb Major
  5. The Blue Room, F Major (From 'The Girl Friend'. )
  6. Bye And Bye, F Major (From 'Dearest Enemy'. )
  7. Can't You Do A Friend A Favor?, Eb Major (From 'A Connecticut Yankee'. )
  8. 'Cause We Got Cake, F Major (From 'Too Many Girls'. )
  9. College On Broadway, C Major (From 'Fly With Me'. )
  10. Come And Tell Me, Eb Major (From 'Betsy'. )
  11. Dancing On The Ceiling, F Major (From 'Evergreen'. )
  12. Disgustingly Rich, Eb Major (From 'Higher And Higher'. )
  13. Everybody Loves You, Eb Major (From 'I'd Rather Be Right'. )
  14. Ev'rything I've Got, Eb Major (From 'By Jupiter'. )
  15. Falling In Love With Love, Bb Major (From 'The Boys From Syracuse'. )
  16. The Girl Friend, C Major (From 'The Girl Friend'. )
  17. Give It Back To The Indians, G Major (From 'Too Many Girls'. )
  18. Glad To Be Unhappy, F Major (From 'On Your Toes'. )
  19. Happy Hunting Horn, Eb Major (From 'Pal Joey'. )
  20. Have You Met Miss Jones?, F Major (From 'I'd Rather Be Right'. )
  21. He Was Too Good To Me, Eb Major (From 'Simple Season'. )
  22. Here In My Arms, F Major (From 'Dearest Enemy'. )
  23. I Could Write A Book, C Major (From 'Pal Joey'. )
  24. I Didn't Know What Time It Was, G Major (From 'Too Many Girls'. )
  25. I Gotta Get Back To New York, C Major (From 'Hallelujah, Im A Bum'. )
  26. I Like To Recognize The Tune, F Major (From 'Too Many Girls'. )
  27. I Married An Angel, F Major (From 'I Married An Angel'. )
  28. I Wish I Were In Love Again, G Major (From 'Babes In Arms'. )
  29. I'd Rather Be Right, D Major (From 'I'd Rather Be Right'. )
  30. I've Got Five Dollars, Eb Major (From 'America's Sweetheart'. )
  31. Isn't It Romantic?, Eb Major (From 'Love Me Tonight'. )
  32. It Never Entered My Mind, F Major (From 'Higher And Higher'. )
  33. It's A Lovely Day For A Murder, D Minor (From 'Higher And Higher'. )
  34. It's Easy To Remember, Eb Major (From 'Mississippi'. )
  35. It's Got To Be Love, Eb Major (From 'On Your Toes'. )
  36. Johnny One Note, F Major (From 'Babes In Arms'. )
  37. Jupiter Forbid, F Major (From 'By Jupiter'. )
  38. The Lady Is A Tramp, C Major (From 'Babes In Arms'. )
  39. Little Girl Blue, F Major (From 'Jumbo'. )
  40. Love Me Tonight, F Major (From 'Love Me Tonight'. )
  41. Lover, C Major (From 'Love Me Tonight'. )
  42. Manhattan, F Major (From 'Garrick Gaieties'. )
  43. Mimi, G Major (From 'Love Me Tonight'. )
  44. Moon Of My Delight, Ab Major (From 'Chee-Chee'. )
  45. The Most Beautiful Girl In The World, C Major (From 'Jumbo'. )
  46. Mountain Greenery, C Major (From 'Garrick Gaieties'. )
  47. My Funny Valentine, C Minor (From 'Babes In Arms'. )
  48. My Heart Stood Still, F Major (From 'A Connecticut Yankee'. )
  49. My Romance, C Major (From 'Jumbo'. )
  50. Nobody's Heart, F Major (From 'By Jupiter'. )
  51. On A Desert Island With Thee, C Major (From 'A Connecticut Yankee'. )
  52. Quiet Night, F Major (From 'On Your Toes'. )
  53. Sentimental Me, C Major (From 'Garrick Gaieties'. )
  54. A Ship Without A Sail, Eb Major (From 'Heads Up!'. )
  55. Sing For Your Supper, F Major (From 'The Boys From Syracuse'. )
  56. Soon, F Major (From 'Mississippi'. )
  57. Spring Is Here, Ab Major (From 'I Married An Angel'. )
  58. Ten Cents A Dance, Eb Major (From 'Simple Season'. )
  59. There's A Small Hotel, G Major (From 'On Your Toes'. )
  60. This Can't Be Love, G Major (From 'The Boys From Syracuse'. )
  61. This Funny World, G Major (From 'Betsy'. )
  62. Thou Swell, Eb Major (From 'A Connecticut Yankee'. )
  63. To Keep My Love Alive, D Major (From 'A Connecticut Yankee'. )
  64. A Tree In The Park, F Major (From 'Peggy-Ann'. )
  65. Wait Till You See Her, Eb Major (From 'By Jupiter'. )
  66. Where Or When, Eb Major (From 'Babes In Arms'. )
  67. Where's That Rainbow?, C Major (From 'Peggy-Ann'. )
  68. Who Are You?, G Major (From 'The Boys From Syracuse'. )
  69. With A Song In My Heart, Eb Major (From 'Spring Is Here'. )
  70. You Are Too Beautiful, C Major (From 'Hallelujah, Im A Bum'. )
  71. You Mustn't Kick It Around, G Major (From 'Pal Joey'. )
  72. You Took Advantage Of Me, Eb Major (From 'Present Arms'. )
  73. You're Nearer, C Major (From 'Too Many Girls'. )