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  • For Jupiter And Greece
  • Jupiter Forbid
  • Life With Father
  • Nobody's Heart
  • The Gateway Of The Temple Of Minerva
  • Here's A Hand
  • No, Mother, No
  • The Boy I Left Behind Me
  • Ev'rything I've Got
  • Bottoms Up
  • Careless Rhapsody
  • Wait Till You See Her (after April 25 '43 it is no longer listed in the program)
  • Now That I've Got My Strength
  • Fools Meets Fools (dropped before the New York opening)
  • Life Was Monotonous (dropped before the New York opening)
  • Nothing To Do But Relax (dropped before the New York opening)
Lyrics by Lorenz Hart
Music by Richard Rodgers
Produced by Dwight Deere Wilman & Richard Rodgers
Book by Lorenz Hart & Richard Rodgers based on the play The Warrior's Husband
Directed by Joshua Logan
Choreoghraphy Robert Alton
Starring: Ray Bolger and Costance Moore
It ran for 427 performances.


An army of Greek warriors set off for the land of the Amazons on a mission to capture the Sacred Girdle of Diana, currently flattering the figure of the Queen of the Amazons. Upon their arrival they are dumbfounded to discover that, in this land, the women rule and do battle while the men mind the children and buy new hats. The Greeks are seized and hauled before the female council, who are initially nonplussed by the notion of equality for men. However, over the course of two hilarious acts, a dozen captivating Rodgers and Hart songs, and a meeting of the minds, there's the inevitable meeting of the hearts.


I have an 18 year old nephew. I am willing to concede that he's my problem, not yours, but he provokes this discussion. The other day in one of his rare attacks of curiosity about my well-being, he asked me what I had been doing lately. I replied that I was working on some book revisions for an off-Broadway revival of the musical By Jupiter. "What's that?" he asked. I finally worked up the calm to say that it was a musical comedy. A famous musical comedy. I remembered the score vividly, Larry Hart's phenomenally well-considered rhymes, the Richard Rodgers of another time writing melodies that are destined to live forever. By Jupiter had been an adaptation of a play The Warrior's Husband (which gave Katharine Hepburn her start, in case you're 18, too) about the war between Amazon ladies and Greeks. I informed my nephew that I was appalled by his ignorance, but then a terrible thought passed my mind. By Jupiter opened in New York in 1942. Of course he might never have heard of it. I apologized. He forgave me on the ground that when he first mentioned the Beach Boys to me I thought they were a basketball team.

Fred Ebb - Rodgers and Hart: The Test of Time, World Journal Tribune, January 15 '67

"An artistic achievement in musical comedy and an overwhelming personal triumph for everyone involved."

- New York World-Telegram

"A thorough-going delight...its melodiousness, humor, high spirits and charm make it one of the joys of the season."

- New York Post

Revival Cast - 1967

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