1. Manhattan Lyrics
  2. I Married An Angel
  3. I'll Tell The Man In The Street
  4. Way Out West
  5. Everybody Loves You
  6. Sleepyhead
  7. With a Song in My Heart Lyrics
  8. Chicago
  9. A Tree In The Park
  10. Falling in love with love Lyrics
  11. Easy To Remember
  12. A Lady Must Live
  13. This Funny World
  14. Wait Till You See Him
  15. Everything I've Got
  16. My Friend, The Night Lyrics
  17. The Blue Room Lyrics
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Miss Haran was discovered by the late Ban Bagley and I'm sure Ben would be very proud of this CD. Miss Haran voice is simply wonderful: soft warm and somehow sexy, it reminds me Mina.This CD is an wonderful collection of well know songs such as The Blue Room Lyrics or Wait till you see her and some seldom revived tunes such as A lady must live and My Friend, The Night probably the best song in this collection (Miss Haran recorder this song also for Ben Bagley's Rodgers & Hart Vol. V)