Wesla Whitfield
  1. With a Song in My Heart Lyrics
  2. Spring Is Here
  3. Blue Moon Lyrics
  4. It's Easy to Remember Lyrics
  5. This Can't Be Love Lyrics
  6. Little Girl Blue Lyrics
  7. Manhattan Lyrics
  8. Medley: My Romance Lyrics /Johnny One Note Lyrics
  9. You Are Too Beautiful
  10. Thou Swell
  11. He Was Too Good To Me Lyrics
  12. The Lady is a Tramp Lyrics
  13. Ten Cents A Dance
  14. Glad To Be Unhappy
  15. You Took Advantage of Me Lyrics
  16. A Ship Without a Sail Lyrics
  17. I Didn't Know What Time It Was Lyrics
  18. You're Nearer
Original Release Date: October 12, 1999
Label: High Note


Nearly all the songs in Wesla Whitfield's CD of songs by Rodgers and Hart (or Hart and Rodgers, as she prefers to emphasize the considerable gifts of the lyricist) have been recorded countless times by jazz singers, not even tabulating similar songbooks devoted to one of Broadway's most gifted songwriting partnerships. But Whitfield makes sure she includes every commonly omitted verse, utilizing her powerful alto to mesh with pianist (and husband) Mike Greensill's innovative arrangements to add her own touch to each of the songs. Her inflections in the bittersweet "Spring Is Here" add a new depth to an already emotional song, while Greensill's perky chart of "This Can't Be Love" showcases Whitfield's playfulness. The phenomenal bassist Michael Moore adds a lot to this session as well; his matchless arco bass introduces the medley of "My Romance," which segues into the lively but neglected "Johnny One Note." While the productive partnership of Hart and Rodgers (or Rodgers and Hart for hard-headed traditionalists) is unlikely to be matched in the history of songwriting, the partnership of Wesla Whitfield and Mike Greensill is an extremely successful musical marriage that is always a delight to hear.
Vote: ****
TWESLA has treated LORENZ HART'S lyrics the way they should be, which means that hers is a sensitive approach.It would be a mistake to judge this cd on only one listening,because it gets to you after many listenings.