Frederica Von Stade - Vocal
  1. My Funny Valentine
  2. I Must Love You [Lyrics]
  3. I Didn't Know What Time It Was Lyrics
  4. Moon Of My Delight
  5. Ev'rybody Loves You
  6. A Ship Without a Sail Lyrics
  7. Quiet Night
  8. To Keep My Love Alive Lyrics
  9. Love Never Went To College
  10. You're Nearer Lyrics
  11. If I Were You
  12. Bewitched
  13. Now That I Know You
  14. Bye & Bye
  15. Atalantic Blues
  16. Where or When
  17. Falling in love with love Lyrics
Label: Emd/Emi Classics #54071 - Original Release Date: November 9, 1993

Vote ****
A wonderful record !! Mrs. Von Stade's voice is perfect. I also raccomend this recond because all the arrengments are recreations from the original shows.