Tony Bennet
  1. This Can't Be Love Lyrics
  2. Blue Moon Lyrics
  3. The Lady is a Tramp Lyrics
  4. Lover Lyrics
  5. Manhattan Lyrics
  6. Spring Is Here
  7. Have You Met Miss Jones? Lyrics
  8. Isn't It Romantic? Lyrics
  9. Wait Till You See Her Lyrics
  10. I Could Write a Book Lyrics
  11. Thou Swell
  12. The Most Beautiful Girl in the World Lyrics
  13. There's a Small Hotel Lyrics
  14. I've Got Five Dollars Lyrics
  15. You Took Advantage of Me Lyrics
  16. I Wish I Were In Love Again
  17. This Funny World Lyrics
  18. My Heart Stood Still Lyrics
  19. My Romance Lyrics
  20. Mountain Greenery
  21. Lyrics
Improv/Rhino, 7113 - CD

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The inimitable Tony Bennett offers superb interpretations of classic popular songs written by the legendary team of composer Richard Rodgers and lyricist Lorenz Hart. Bennett is in full command of his art bringing his trademark intelligence, zest, and emotional intimacy to the beautiful Rodgers and Hart songs.

Bennett's voice has aged well. His vocal range is as broad as ever, and he has no problems negotiating the inventive, intricate Rodgers melodies. Bennett infuses Hart's bittersweet, poetic lyrics with a seasoned worldliness which is quite touching.

So treat yourself by listening to the prodigious music of Richard Rodgers; the wise, often heartbreaking lyrics of Lorenz Hart; and the magnificent vocals of an artist in his prime, Tony Bennett. You'll be pleased that you did!

With twenty marvelous songs by the incomparable song writing team of Richard Rogers and Lorenz Hart and the impecable artistry of the inimitable Tony Bennett, this is as near perfection as you can achieve. Bennett is at the very peak of his talent on the beautiful Manhattan, Lady Is A Tramp, This Can't Be Love, I Could Write A Book, Spring Is Here and so many many more. Without a major record contract at this point in his career, this recording never recieved the promotion or exposure it deserved. Pick up on this overlooked gem. The combination of Tony Bennett and Rogers and Hart simply doesn't get any better.