Lyrics by Lorenz Hart, music by Richard Rodgers
Lyrics published on The Complete Lyrics of Lorenz Hart
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Brenda Frazier sat on a wall.
Brenda Frazier had a big fall.
Brenda Frazier's falling down falling down falling down.
Brenda Frazier's falling down, my fair Minnie!

There's money in the movies,
There's money in the ads.
There's money in the old Johns,
There's money in the lads.

Minnie, Minnie, Minnie Minnie
Money, Money, Money Money,
Eeny Meeny Money Mo.
Catch a fortune by the toe!

I'll buy ev'rything I wear at Sacks,
I'll cheat plenty on my income tax,
Swear like a trouper, live in a stupor,
Just disgustingly rich!

I'll make money and I'll make it quick,
Boosting cigarettes that make me sick.
Smothered in sables like Betty Grable's
Just disgustingly rich!

I will buy land down on Long Island
And as a resident I will pan the President.
I'll aspire Higher and higher.
I'll get married and adopt a son
Right from Tony's or Twenty One.
Swimming in high-balls, 
stewed to the eyballs
Just Disgustingly rich, 
Too disgustingly rich!

Break my ankles on the tennis courts,
Get pneumonia doing winter sports.
I won't be civil, rude as the divil,
Just disgustingly rich!
Ev'ry weekend I will sail the sea
On my little yact, the Normandie
Catch barracuda down in Bermuda
Just disgustingly rich!

I'll eat salmon,
I'll play backgammon
Turn breakfast into lunch
I'll take Errol Flynn to lunch.
I'll aspire Higher and higher.

I'll buy autos like the autocrats. 
I'll drink Pluto like plutocrats.
Playing the horses, getting divorces
Just disgustingly rich,
Too disgustingly rich!
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