Lyrics by Lorenz Hart, music by Richard Rodgers
Lyrics published on The Complete Lyrics of Lorenz Hart
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Tag: Sex / Bible / Religion

Some women are colder then still
From such a fate Heaven preserve us!
Some women repress what they feel
And that's why some women  are nervous
A Woman is just like a plum
That ripens and falls very soon
But what she refuse to succumb
She swiftly dries up like a prune

Refrain 1
Life is love and know that
Love is life and so that
Should make you forgive
For a lady must live
When no love is calling
All the joy start falling
Like sand through a sieve
For a lady must live
I've never thought that holding your hand meant
Throwing your soul away
Had mother Eve obeyed that commandment
Where would we be today?
Why have lips why waste them?
Is you want to taste them,
You ought to forgive
For a lady must live

Refrain 2
How can love be vicious
When is so delicious?
So you must forgive
For a lady must live
With my John and my Max
I can reach the climax
That's proof positive
That a lady must live
If she's not a cold-blooded person,
What's a girl to do?
But if i look like Aimee McPherson,
I'd be a good girl too
What the siren song for?
What's my chaise lounge for?
So you must forgive
For a lady must live
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