Lyrics by Lorenz Hart, music by Richard Rodgers
Lyrics published on The Complete Lyrics of Lorenz Hart
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Published Devember 1927. Sung in the Stamford, Connecticut, tryout of A Connecticut Yankee by William Gaxton and Constanee Carpenter.
Dropped before the New York opening and replaced by "My Heart Stood Still."
Introduced and reprised often by Irene Dunne, Jack Whiting, the Nightingale Quartette. (Eyelyn Sayers, Loretta Sayers, Jessie Payne, and Doreen Glover), and ensemble in She's My Baby (1928).
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I was born
And held out my hands for you,
Yelled my young demands for you,
All forlorn,
Even in my toothless state,
Fate was in a ruthless state;
Long years through
I've been needing you,


You're what I need,
I mean, my need
Starts and ends with you,
Won't you give in,
I mean, live in my home?
You're my menu,
I mean, when you
Smile my hunger's through.
Like a bluebird,
I mean, you, bird, fly home.
We will find a sky pilot,
Some nice old boy.
When he makes you my pilot,
Lead me to joy! .
You've undone me,
I mean, won me,
For you've got me treed,
I love you so,
I mean that you're what I need!


HE: Well, not bad!
But to speak with verity,
You need some sincerity.
So, I add,
When the song again you sing,
Think of someone when you sing;
I should say,
Sing it in this way!

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