Lyrics by Lorenz Hart, music by Richard Rodgers
Lyrics published on The Complete Lyrics of Lorenz Hart
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Published October 1927.
Introduced by Lulu McConnell and ensemble
Alternate title: "Give That Little Girl a Hand."

Tag: Sex / Prostitution / New York

Hello! Hello! Hello! 
here to say "hello."
For all that we girls know
how to say "hello."
Hello, you'll find this nightclub
Will really be the right club.
We'll go start the show
With "hello, hello, hello!''

A nightclub hostess is one of those dames
Whose natural father was old Jesse James.
You may be a doctor, a lawyer or a yegg man
But when the hostess grabs you, you're a butter and egg man.
She will proudly bring to you
Little girls who sing to you,
Who won't mean a thing to you. Well,
They must have champagne
And some more chow mein
When the hostess starts to yell:
Oh, won't you

Give this little girl a hand!
Ain't she pretty , ain't she sweet?
Biggest eyes in all the land.
Ain't she got the cutest feet?
She reads her Bible every night at curfew's knell,
A brand-new Bible at a different hotel.
Ain't her modesty just grand?
Come on, girlie, shake that thing.
She's a girl who loves her outdoor life.
She walks up and down between the Astor and the Strand,
Won't you give this little girl a hand?

Give this little girl a hand!
Ain't she stately , ain't she trim?
Out at Long Beach on the sand,
She won't have to learn to swim.
She's fond of children, and she's got the cutest babe;
Why she acquired six before she married Abe.
She can dance to beat the band.
Ain't you clumsy? Lift them feet.
She has got that certain great appeal,
But her great supplv  can never meet the great
Won't you give this little girl a hand!

Give this little girl a hand!
Ain't she clumsy, ain't she fat?
She's too young to understand.
Get to work, you little cat.
She's so naive, that's why S he's never very bored.
She's just a kid who went to school with Fannie
She can lift a baby grand.
Come, Big Bertha, shoot the works!
Maybe she' s Lon Chaney in disguise.
If Benda made the mask she wears,
Then Benda should be canned.
Won't you give this little girl a hand?

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