Mark Barratt, Amanda Dainty, Catherine Francoise, John Gower, Mark Hutchinson, Berwick Kaler, Barbara King, Aline Mowat, Jill Pert, Paul Reeves
  1. Step on the track
  2. Blue room Lyrics (Rodgers/Hart)
  3. Boys of Hagerstown
  4. Good fellow mine (Rodgers/Hart)
  5. What's the use of talking? (Rodgers/Hart)
  6. The girl friend (Rodgers/Hart)
  7. Sleepy head Lyrics (Rodgers/Hart)
  8. I'm in love
  9. Oh by Jiminy
  10. Kitty Brown, Kitty Brown
  11. Kitty's kisses
  12. Early in the morning
  13. Just imagine it
  14. I don't want him
  15. Mountain Greenery Lyrics (Rodgers/Hart)
  16. Bridal suite
  17. Step on the blues
  18. Why do I? (Rodgers/Hart)
LP and cassette ONLY
Recording year: 1987
Language: English
Label: TER 1148
Length: 59:00
Tracks: 21
Only Songs 2, 4-7, 9, 15, 18 are by Rodgers and Hart; the others mainly by Gus Kahn and Con Conrad