Musical numbers
  • Gone are the days
  • A Penny For your Toughts
  • Another melody in F
  • Working for the Government
  • Inspiration
  • Don't Love me like Othello
  • Dreaming True
  • Peek In Pekin'
  • A College on Broadway
  • Moonlight and You
  • If You were You
  • Kid I Love you
  • The Third Degree of Love
  • Gunga Dhin
  • Twinkling eyes
Lyrics by Lorenz Hart
Music by Richard Rodgers
Produced by Players club Of Columbia Universityas the "Varsity Show of 1920"
Book by Milton R. Kroopf and Phillip B. Leavitt
Directed by Ralph Bunker
Choreoghraphy Erbert Fields
Starring: Clarence O’Connor and Carlos Contreras
It ran for 4 Performances

FILY WITH ME takes place on an island "ruled by the Soviets" off the coast of North America fifty years in the future (1970).
We open in the Love Laborarory of Bolsheviki U. The Professor, a comic authority figure, is joined by students in GONE ARE THE DAYS, and we learn where we are.

Soon the young lovers, Emmy and Jimmy appear, and the plot starts: Emmy has discovered her mother is Mrs, Houghton, Professor of Love, and Jimmy has found out his father is Mr. Larrimore, a meek type. (Under "Soviet" law, parents are divorced as soon as a child is born, and their identities kept secret from their offspring.)

Mr. L. is Mrs. H's boyfriend. After these plot devices are laid out, Emmy and Jimmy sing A PENNY FOR YOUR THOUGHTS. Time for comedy! We meet Ming Boy and Tsu Tsan a young Chinese couple in the early musical tradition of dialect hunmor. Mrs. Houghron and students sing ANOTHER MELODY IN F, celebrating Spring and love.

Andre, a very French young Frenchman, and Harvey, a very "dese-dem-dose'' New York street kid join the Professor and Ming Boy in WORKING FOR THE GOVERNMENT.

INSPIRATION (THE FUTURIST LOVE SONG) climaxes the Love class. Then, Mrs. Houghton and Mr. Larrimore join in DON'T LOVE ME LIKE OTHELLO, a clever forecast oflatet brilliant and cynical Hart lyrics ("Don't love me like Othello,/ l'm much to young to die..."). Jimmy, thwarted in his efforts to marry Emmy, curses the government and is slated for deporration. Tearfully, the young lovets sing DREAMING TRUE, Ming Boy and Tsu Tsan plot to help them, and also reveal, in PEEK IN PEKIN, their plan to escape China. Jimmy dreams about attending the school his father told him about, which leads to the rousing A COLLEGE ON BROADWAY A traditional sung FINALE clos- es the First Act.

Act Two opens in Mr. Larrimore's garden, with Jimmy singing MOONLIGHT AND YOU Through a misunderstanding, Jimmy thinks Emmy has fallen for Andre, so he plans to play the field in ALWAYS ROOM FOR ONE MORE. (This song is the first known collaboration between Rodgers and Hammerstein.) But Jimmy still loves Emmy, and when they meet again we hear the sentimental IF YOU WERE YOU, fol-lowed, in true early musical style, by a comic love song, KID, I LOVE YOU, sung by Harvey and his girlfriend Ethel, Mr. Larrimore and Girls add another facet to the tender emotion in THE THIRD DEGREE OF LOVE.

Next, Andre and ensemble sing and dance GUNGA DHIN. As the happy ending approaches - through the strong force of romantic love the entire Soviet system is overturned by a student-led revolution - Tsu Tsan sings TWINKLING EYES.

This innocent, sentimental ditty, writtcn (words and music) by Richard Rodgers when he was fifteen, is an appropriate ending to the score of FLY WITH ME. The curtain comes down with the ensemble FINALE.

Fly with me

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