Various Artists
Label: Concord Jazz - Original Release Date: July 25, 2000

If i give this four stars,it's only because the pianists featured on this compilation are all excellent.It may be just my opinion,but to be franck,i don't really liked that record.There is nothing like hearing one pianist doing one collection of songs by a composer.Here we have to many at once,and the perspective gets lost.Hearing an intro of a SATIE song during It Never Entered My Mind bothered me a lot.OK as they say,this is a package.Well that's the problem today,there are about three records out of four that are best of of anything.I'll sell this to an used music store and i'll eat my wieners to content myself.Tough luck,i had forgotten that even them come in stores sliced in packages.I hope that VERVE will rerelease OSCAR PETERSON's own tribute to RICHARD RODGERS.What are they waiting for?