Anne Jeffreys, Robert Sterling, Cyril Ritchard and Helen Ford
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  1. Height-ho, Lackaday
  2. War is war
  3. I beg you pardon
  4. Cheerio
  5. The heremits
  6. Here in my harms Lyrics
  7. Gavotte
  8. I'd like to hide it
  9. Where the Hudson river flows
  10. Bye and bye
  11. Old enough to love
  12. Sweet Peter
  13. Here's a kiss
  14. Mozart Meets Rodgers & Hart
AEI Aei-cd 042 - Cd Only

Vote **1/2 - This production was staged for TV in 1955, the CD is derived fro the original TV tape, so the quality of the record is not very good, particularly in the dialogue scenes.