1. March of the Siamese Children (Hammerstein/Rodgers)
  2. Soliloquy (Hammerstein/Rodgers)
  3. Slaughter on Tenth Avenue (Rodgers)
  4. Getting to Know You (Hammerstein/Rodgers)
  5. Carousel Waltz (Hammerstein/Rodgers)
  6. I Haved a Dreamed
  7. Wait Till You See Her (Hart/Rodgers) Lyrics
  8. Lover Lyrics(Hart/Rodgers) Lyrics
  9. The Gentleman Is a Dope (Hammerstein/Rodgers)
  10. Hello, Young Lovers (Hammerstein/Rodgers)
  11. Sing for Your Supper (Hart/Rodgers) Lyrics
  12. This Can't Be Love Lyrics(Hart/Rodgers)Lyrics
LabelAtlantic (LP only)


“…He is a superb musician. He is a deeply emotional as well as a highly intellectual pianist. His style, though imitated by hundreds of pianists, is his own as markedly as that of Erroll Garner, Art Tatum or Teddy Wilson. I have yet to hear an imitator who has grasped the full complexity of the composers and songwriters who music he plays, he is so highly complex both rhythmically and harmonically in his interpretations of their music, all the while maintaining a constant balance of delicacy and sensitiveness.

In his respect for the writer, he plays the melody and uses such harmonies as he feels best support the melody. The bass line and harmony of the published copies of composers like Rodgers, Kern , Arlen and Gershwin are so obviously right that, for the most part, he uses them as a basic pattern. But he create so much beyond the call of duty that anyone who has heard his own songs played by Cy immediately has a greater respect for his own work. He has made many an average song sound superlative.

His technique is phenomenal as is his comprehension and mastery of the potentialities of his instrument. He plays with an apparent effortlessness, yet were I to attempt one measure of his more involved passages, I’m certain I would wind up with ten broken fingers….”

Alec Wilder