Lyrics by Lorenz Hart, music by Richard Rodgers
Lyrics published on The Complete Lyrics of Lorenz Hart
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Introduced by Jack Haley and Shirley Ross.
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When you start to call me names
You make yourself quite clear.
Aspersions on my parentage
Are not so nice to hear.
I can't follow your advice,
My dear, I can't begin to,
For there are not so many lakes
A fellow Can jump into.

You ask me to do some things
A lady must decline.
If I sat on all those tacks
I'd have a punctured spine.
But though you are no gentleman
I'm certain that you're mine!


A barking baby never bites!
Give me the kind that growls and fights.
The sweet ones kiss you and they're through,
So I'd rather get the raspberry from you.

Those dames whose baby talk I've heard
Are lady dogs-you know the word.
"I love you, Sugar Pie" means murder.
So, baby, bark to beat the band
'Cause I'm gonna have you eating from my hand!


A barking baby never bites!
He won't go chasing cats at nights.
Most thoroughbreds are vicious, too,
So I'd rather have a dirty dog like you!

If you turned sweet on me someday.
You' d have to go
You couldn't stay.
I'd call the old S.P.C.A., dear.
I'd never trust a quiet guy,
For a sleeping dog can lie, and lie and lie!

And you'll never ever find me in a fix,
For I'll just be teaching some new dog old tricks.

So, baby , bark to beat the band
'Cause I'm going to have you eating from my hand!
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